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Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Ballerina

I've always loved the ballerina looks! those pretty flats and frilly tutus!
what makes it better is that most tutus are high waist and since I'm the kind of person who has a body type that suits high waist skirts, well lets just say I can't get enough of pretty skirts!

~The lace ballerina~
top by topshop
skirt by zara
shoes by Christian louboutin

~the ballerina bride~
top by pysi
head scarf by Yellow Line
Sunnies by Forever 21
Belt by Mangga dua
Tutu skirt b Mr.Freddy
Ring by Forever 21
Heels by Metrox

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Denims are (from what my mum said) the IT thing where I live, I don't love it but I dont hate it either, although they do look good on me! :)

Evening look
tank top by zara
pencil skirt by sisley
belt by versace
jacket by moocha
shoes by aldo

Day look
jacket by moto
skirt by rock and republic
tank top by (x)s,m,l
shoes by aldo

They truly are comfy and stylish but I still don't love them... yet :P

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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The not-so-me Look

I wore my clothes for several different reasons; whether it is comfortable to be worn or that it is the trend look.

This one below looks very sporty and vintage meets modern kinda thing. Although this trend wouldn't really last long, which means it's only a one season look thing! Also this particular look wouldn't suit many occasions, the one occasion I could think of that would suit is dance battle, because it is very urban and street! So I wouldn't wear it too many times even though it looks pretty awesome! :P

This next look is also another one-season-only look, that big/butterfly arms/huge looking shirts or tshirts. I have to say if the knitting (quality) is good, then when worn it would look good, unfortunately not all body types can suit this kind of look, before you buy something like this you really need to try it on and see whether it looks good on you or not, otherwise it'd be a waste!
This kind of tops can be worn with anything; high waist belt, highwaist skirt/shorts/pants, hipster belt or normal hipster shorts/skirts. Again it depends of the look of the top!

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La Parfait BOOTS!

Found these boots on sale, and I thought it is the best boots I have ever seen in my entire life! :)

Dressy top by Body and Soul
Cardigan by Mango
Belt by Forever 21
Multi studded bangles by Top Shop
Boots by Zara

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La Rocka!

Being a rocker doesn't mean you're a tomboy! It just means you can look like one! :)

Bolero by Moto
Top by Sisley
Belt by Versace
Skinnies by Zara
Wedges by Christian Dior

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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Shoes = LOVE

When I was younger, my sense of fashion is not as high as now.
I've always hate the fact that when you grow up sometimes you have to put on some make up to show formalities for special occasions, and on top of that you have to wear high heels as well.
I never mind clothes, because I love clothes since I was young, I used to draw my dream clothes, starts from top to bottom - literally! 
That was TEN YEARS ago.

3 and a half years ago I started wearing heels for my 1st prom night and my shoes was... DOLCE and GABBANA! 
Detail: T-line, Black Swarovski crystals, 10 cm high, no platforms.
Although I walked those heels as if it was my first time on heels, well it was but on the prom night I pulled it off :)

2 years ago I started going out more and seeing more heels as I go around the mall, starting to actually appreciate how pretty they are. So until now I always have a dream of what kind of heels I want and recently I just got the prettiest and closest copy of Christian Louboutins Sparkly Silver Pumps

Detail: Silver/White sparkly, 10cms tall.

So there were two choices of this shoes, either silver or black, I asked the staff who was getting both colors of which color is better, she said black matches everything, however silver sparks in a cooler way than black, you just need a matching bag. So I though I do have a matching bag...
This was bought by my mum in england with me for my birthday present - isn't it the most glamorous thing you've ever seen! :D
So I got the silver instead the black, then again I though I love how I can wear something so casual and not flashy and then bang it up with unique shoes!
Style it up with some shoes - Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the city the movie
As a stylist to myself, I like to keep it less to make it more, meaning I love using only one color and then wear one piece of clothes or accessory that is a different color to contrast everything else.

Now, I'm still looking for my other shoes that I want. 
The list goes on, the number of colors I was is every colors but right now I can only get either black or silver, because those two colors can match any other colors.
I just love anything Cork wrapped or known as Gladiators, slim stilettos, sexy wedges that is always comfy to wear, peep-toe platforms and of course they all must be at least 9 cm tall! I'm a short girl and I love it because I have a really good reason to wear extremely high heels.
L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefanie

Christian Louboutin

Dolce Gabbana

Christian Louboutin


Saturday, 17 July 2010

Summer petals!

Summer is all about the colors and flower patterns!
My favourite would be Rose, and this dress just makes it into my favourites! :)

Dress by Magnolia
Bolero by 213
Belt by Forever 21
Shoes by Aldo
Bracelet by Top shop

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